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Bwaziba & Luwero


Bwaziba is a small rural community in the Luwero district over an hour away from the capital Kampala going north. It is approximately 5-10km off the main road and away from the larger town and district capital of Luwero Town. Luwero is the main municipal, administrative, and commercial centre of the district, with a population of just under 50,000.  



The project in Gobero was launched in July 2011. It quickly established itself as success within the community, providing opportunities to all the residents of Gobero. The project was run by Kezia, a local secondary school teacher. On the back of the success of our Gobero project, we moved on to open our next Resource Centre in Kayunga in 2015. The project was run in partnership with St Yowana Maria Muzeeyi primary school and quickly established itself within the community. 


Our work in Bwaziba has initially focussed on building the recreational base in the communities before we start the developing the educational and training opportunities in the community.


  • Resource Centre – we one small outreach Resource Centre in Bwaziba, with a small library, a sports loan service, sports coaching, arts equipment and drums. The centre opens in the evenings, weekends and during the school holidays and also offers a number of services to adults as well as children.


  • Community Tournaments – we plan to stage an annual community tournaments , as a chance to celebrate the ongoing work in the community and importantly link in with one of our other communities to share experiences and form partnerships.  As part of the celebration of the events, we will deliver important messaging on issues surrounding health or education.