We deliver a range of opportunities for young people from disadvantaged communities in Uganda

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How We Operate

Where We Work

Defining Success


Our work is divided into three main strands:



At the first intervention level, we go into a community and establish a Resource Centre, providing local residents with access to recreational equipment and facilities. By establishing these centres, we look to increase participation and provide a platform to bring the community together, and encourage further development.


  • We deliver recreational activities, through provision of our Community Resource Centres and sports services to over 10,000 users a year.
  • We have over 700 Resource Centre Members across our centres, of which on average 40% are female. This means each member accesses one of our services, 54 times a year.
  • Over a quarter of attendances to our centres (excluding sports attendances) is either to read or loan a book. In children, this result is even more positive, with reading accounting for over 30% of attendances.



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Recreational Activities: Library, arts equipment, drums, sports equipment (including football, netball and volleyball).




Using this platform, we integrate a number of Programmes (including our Creative Studies programme and the WhizzKids United Life Skills programme), which offer enjoyable activities in a structured environment. These programmes focus on personal development, building valuable life skills, encouraging creativity and developing employable skills in young people.


  • Over 650 participants attend our programmes each year, across our two main programmes: Creative Studies and WhizzKids United; 50% of which are female.
  • We also deliver informal computer training programmes in the school holidays to equip young people with key, employable skills.
  • On average we see a 15-20% improvement in participants that attend our programmes across areas including self-confidence, knowledge of healthy behaviours, goal-setting and working together as a community.



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Educational Programmes: Creative Studies, WhizzKids United and Computer programmes




For our engaged members within each community, we then are able to offer Vocational Training. This includes broad-based community training as well as individual vocational scholarships in careers such as carpentry, mechanics and building. The full cost of the training is provided (up to two years), with the aim of providing a sustainable livelihood for the recipients.



  • Uganda Creates supports our community members through a one-year vocational training scholarship in a desired field to support them in to work each year. We have offered scholarships in a total of 6 vocational fields.
  • We currently offer a total of 6 scholarships to community members from three different communities, with 3 female and 3 male recipients.
  • We have offered a total of 18 scholarships over the last five years, with a 100% completion rate and have supported over 75% into paid work.
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Vocational Scholarships: Welding, car mechanics, hairdressing, building, tailoring, electrical installation


Breadth of Impact

Our breadth of impact within a community develops from a broad more diluted recreational base, up to a narrow but intensive training peak

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We work on a community level, engaging large numbers of community members in our recreational activities


We then engage smaller groups of young people in one of our structured educational programmes, developing key skills including creativity, confidence and future aspirations


We select individual members who have progressed through our recreational activities and/or educational programmes for vocational training




Creating opportunities for a positive future.