Who We Are

We are a Community Recreation, Education and Training Enterprise

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Who We Are

Uganda Creates delivers a range of recreational, educational and training programmes for young people from disadvantaged communities in Uganda, developing wellbeing and creativity, personal development and entrepreneurship.

We create opportunities that equip young people with the skills to enjoy a positive future. We empower communities and the individuals within them by inspiring young people to think about their future and helping them develop the skills to get there.

Our vision is for young people from disadvantaged communities in Uganda to have access to meaningful opportunities that will help them live happier, healthier and more prosperous lives.


In supporting individuals, we engage the wider community in a collective effort to gain confidence in their ability to make decisions that improve all their lives.

We are empowering local people to create their own change.

We are a UK-based charity, supporting and building capacity in our Ugandan counterparts to develop the experience to run the organisation in the future.



The Story So Far

The Uganda Creates idea started out in 2006 following our first visits to Uganda. Inspired by our experiences, we arrived back in England and set about creating an organisation through which we could provide a sustainable impact for young people and help in their personal development.

We formed a partnership with SPAU, a small Ugandan charity running successful income-generation projects for single parent families, who had begun to build a new primary school in a village called Bajjo to provide education to the children in the community (with the help of Advantage Africa).

In 2008, with the basic structure of an organisation built we headed out to Bajjo to set up the charity’s first project running out of the newly opened school. Wannabeamazin, as we were then known, was officially born.


We spent the next year in Uganda setting up the first project, writing and piloting a series of programmes, training local staff to ensure the project would be sustainable once the team had left.

By 2012, with the Bajjo project established, we moved on to support the local team to identify our second project in Gobero - a small village to the west of Kampala; replicating the model we had established.

We quickly identified the location for our third project in Kayunga, which launched in 2015; and since then, we have been working with the local team to build a sustainable organisation that can deliver its objectives for the foreseeable future.

In 2017, our tenth year, we rebranded to Uganda Creates to better represent what we do and re-professionalise the organisation.


Creating opportunities for a positive future.