how we work

In the UK

Uganda Creates is committed to building capacity in our local team and ensuring the majority of our resources are spent in Uganda rather than the UK.

how we work uk

How we operate in the uk

We are run entirely by voluntary staff in the UK. We run a flat structure with three operating directors who serve as Director of Operations, Director of Programmes and Director of Projects; but with cross-serving roles.

Our work in the UK is focussed on five main organisational areas:

  • Governance
  • Organisational Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Evaluation and Reporting
  • Marketing and Fundraising

The UK team manage these activities in coordination with our team out in Uganda, supporting to empower the local team to take on more responsibility each year.



how we manage our activities

Our projects are managed through our partner organisations in Uganda. We employ a Youth Development Manager (YDM) who sits across our partner organisations to coordinate our portfolio of projects. The trustees are in constant contact with the YDM, ensuring the projects are managed in the appropriate way and that all funds raised are allocated and spent appropriately.

How we raise our money

Our main source of funding to cover our ongoing operational and project costs is through a combination of individual regular giving and our own fundraising events (such as the Olympic Challenge, the Lands End to John Groats Challenge or the Three-Peaks Challenge). 

As we expand over the next 3 to 5 years, we will transition towards securing more funding through grant giving bodies. This will allow us to build and sustain our capacity to deliver at a local level; and transition the charity's management to our team in Uganda, making them more independent and sustainable.

How we spend your money

At Uganda Creates, we work hard to ensure all the money raised goes directly out to where it is needed. We therefore minimise as much expenditure in the UK as possible. For example, all our UK expenses are covered individually, outside of the charity (including flights and visits to Uganda). This means that only 7% of our total annual spend is consumed in the UK.


how we work

In Uganda

We link in with local NGO’s and other organisations that already work in communities on the ground, and add to the positive work they are doing.

work in uganda

how we choose our projects

A charity, local NGO or community will express an interest in partnering with us to deliver in a community


The community/organisation will complete an application showing how they fulfil the criteria to run a project.

We carry out an assessment to check whether the project has the suitable motivation and infra-structure

Once we are sure the community/ organisation meets the criteria, we move to secure funding

How we set-up a project

Once we are in a position to proceed, the following steps are carried out to initiate the project:

  • Establish a Community Council to provide project support;

  • Identify an individual within the community to run the project;
  • Provide operational guidance to set up the project.

how we employ our staff

Our philosophy is to train and employ local staff from the different communities in which we work.  By doing this we seek to:

  • Increase the skill and capabilities of local residents (project management, budgeting and planning)
  • Provide an income stream for local residents
  • Give the community a sense of ownership (a community council oversees each project)

We provide skill based training for local staff where necessary and encourage them to work for the community to serve the needs of the local people.

how we monitor and evaluate our work

We monitor and evaluate all our work to ensure the money we spend has the desired impact. We have a detailed monthly reporting system between Uganda and the UK, including monthly financial reporting; and all  data is collected by our team in Uganda and reported back to the trustees in an annual report.

The evaluation of our objectives and activities is built upon our detailed Evaluation Framework, which tracks our objectives through the different inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts of our work over a period of time.