We have worked with our local team to identify our measures of success and the parameters of our ambitions for our work in Uganda


Kato Godfrey
One of our first Resource Centre members in Bajjo in 2008, now completing his vocational training scholarship.


For the Individuals and THE Community

The first part of the success for us,  is seeing individuals who have gone through the journey with us over a number of years - from resource centre members as children, to recipients of our vocational training as young adults. Kato Godfrey from Bajjo (below and above) is a great example of this.

success 2

The second stage of that success is seeing the young adults who have come through the journey with us give back to their community. Joshua Kabugo is a shining example of this, again being one of our first Resource Centre members, and who is now managing our project in Bajjo.

success joshua


Success for the organisation is based around a set of clearly defined parameters, that we have established to ensure we fulfil our charitable aims while not expanding too widely and empowering local people to be the drivers of their own change.

Our organisational measures of success are defined as:

  • Building an empowered local team, capable of running the organisation in the future
  • Establishing the progressive framework of recreation, education and training in a defined number of communities, with demonstrable impact on the local residents

The parameters we have placed around our ambition for the foreseeable future are as follows:

  • We will limit ourselves to the central region of Uganda
  • We will not run more than five community projects at any one time to not overstretch our capacity
  • We will not manage projects in more than three regions at any one time