Bajjo & Bombo 


Bombo is a small town off the main road travelling approximately one-hour north out of Kampala. It is the site of a large military base and therefore has a large population, but a segregated one, with residents of the barracks enjoying more opportunities and services than the other local residents. Bajjo is a smaller village that borders the town, a 20-minute walk away. It is a small village that stretches along a long pot-holed road. It has seen much development over the last 10 years, with the building of a number of large houses as people return from working in Kampala, creating a large disparity of wealth in the community.



The Bombo/Bajjo project was our first project developed in 2008, and we have now been delivering in the area for coming up to 10 years. We established our first Resource Centre at Bajjo Community School in 2008, using a spare classroom to deliver recreational and educational activities in the evenings and weekends. We built a number of sports pitches at the school, including a football pitch, netball court and volleyball court.


We have delivered a series of activities and opportunities to the local community in Bajjo and surrounding areas in Bombo Town. for the last 10 years.


  • Resource Centre – we run a small outreach Resource Centre at the local school, with a small library, a sports loan service, sports coaching, arts equipment and drums. The centre opens in the evenings, weekends and during the school holidays and also offers a number of services to adults as well as children.
We have partnered with Bajjo Primary School over the last 10 years to run the community resource centre in Bajjo, serving the local community.
  • Bajjo Community Youth Group – our members established a community youth group, using dance and drama to pursue their creative ambitions and deliver important health messaging to their peers.
  • Community Tournaments – we have staged annual community tournaments since 2008, as a chance to celebrate the ongoing work in the community and also relay important health messaging in the community. Tournaments include a football, netball and volleyball tournament, while the Resource Centre facilities remain open through the day. As part of the celebration of the events, we then deliver important messaging to the community on issues surrounding health or education.


  • WhizzKids United – We have delivered the WhizzKids United life skills programme for the last 10 years in partnership with 6 schools in Bombo (with the one school in Bajjo). We have formed partnership with the local adult football team, who have displayed health messaging on their football kits; and we have run an annual World AIDS Day Tournament
  • Creative Studies – We have delivered our personally developed Creative Studies programme in Bombo since XXX. The programme consisting of a 24-week curriculum runs alongside the school timetable, where selected pupils are put forward for the programme to enhance their development.
  • Computer Programmes – we have piloted our first computer programmes in Bajjo, delivering holiday sessions to our community members. Local staff run through basic computer skills with the young people to improve their employability skills.


  • Vocational Scholarships – we have been running our Vocational Training Scheme in  in Bajjo since 2014, offering vocational training scholarships to community members who have shown commitment through our other activities.